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Many of us know the person we see ourselves being in a visionary moment, often late at night. The next morning we soon find ourselves acting out the behaviour we dread the most. We are yelling at the kids, the cat, our partner or the boss, or slipping back into the relationship, money or addiction patterns that we know are so bad for us. Disappointed that having the dream has not changed our actions, we often give up on the dream, or worse still, give up on ourselves. We tell ourselves off for having ‘big ideas’ and return to our lives of  ‘quiet’ (or not so quiet) ‘desperation’. But we can become the change we wish to see and live our life vision.

Our Vision Mind has shown us the Truth of Who We Are

We are beautiful, successful and powerful beyond our wildest dreams. That is our natural birthright. We become that fullness by healing our past and taking out the blocks accumulated along life’s path. We can change the negative beliefs and habit patterns learned from the past. We can release the accumulated fears triggered every time we dare to step forward.  As Jung pointed out, these fears live alongside the great power of our unconscious mind, and in clearing those fears we release our visionary and creative power. We can change our minds to change our life and then we get to Star in our own Movie and live our dream.

Psychology of Vision is a complete programme for change developed over 30 years of working with people all around the world.  Life Manual is a personal study programme based on this model, to guide you through changing your life. Working through carefully designed exercises, you use the full range of tools that have made this life change model so successful in transforming behaviours and attitudes. As you change your mind, you change your past and your present. You change your world and how you live your life.

Life Change – A Transformational Process

In Life Manual we use examples from training and personal experience to help you gain real insights into resolving your dilemmas, pain and problems. At every stage we show you the most effective way to change beliefs, behaviours and responses so you can live more happily and successfully. Life Manual is a ‘How To’ of life change and personal transformation.

You begin by understanding and changing the negative or mistaken beliefs that block your actions to living your dreams and visions. In the second section, progess quickens as you review and let go of the patterned attitudes and responses developed earlier in your life. These are the habit patterns that we repeat even though they don’t work for us.

Choosing Your FutureA Fresh Start

Bringing these unwanted responses to our awareness, letting go of the pain and blame of the past, is what enables us to begin to act more effectively and make better choices in the future. Writing our future on a clean sheet is what many of us wish for. Finding gratitude and compasion for the lessons learned in earlier experiences opens our hearts to more love and we see the gifts of wisdom we have to give

In the final section of Life Manual, releasing the  powerful fears of the unconscious mind, releases the powers of our creative and visionary mind to move forward to Life Mastery. We become our true selves, living with purpose, making our joyful and unique contribution to the world. We become the person we always dreamed we could be.

Gaining the Skills and Tools for the Future

Life Manual home study programme helps you to transform the past and write your future at the same time as learning the tools which will help throughout your life to know and apply the best solutions for moving forward. The unique Triangle Model, developed by Chuck and Lency Spezzano helps you to see what is happening in your life and the best way to work through it.


Author Jeff Allen is a Master Trainer with Psychology of Vision with more than 11 years experience holding workshops throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Co author, Christine Herbert is a communications teacher with more than 30 years experience in personal development. We have both taken the journey we teach to our own true selves through this model. Years later, we both still apply its tools in our own daily lives and testify heartfully to the value of this groundbreaking process of change.

Take the next step on your journey to your best self and your dream life.

Life Manual

A fully supported personal change and development programme, based on the Psychology of Vision model, developed through 30 years of training and coaching people all over the world to find the lasting happiness, meaning and success that was missing from their lives.

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Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen
Master Trainer
Psychology of Vision

Christine Herbert
Christine Herbert
Communications Teacher & Writer
Life Manual

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“... it seems the list of broken promises in the self-development movement is both long and expensive. And I say this as a member of that community. I believe this book comes out of the honesty and maturity of what it takes to truly live a great and powerful life.”

Jeff Allen, Foreword to Life Manual