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Chuck Spezzano

Psychology of Vision

has helped tens of thousands of people around the world through workshops, seminars, one-to-one coaching and its many products and publications. Its aim is to help people improve their lives, relationships, happiness, success and health. When we understand both ourselves and others, and how we relate to the world around us, we gain insights that enable us to make better choices. We lose old destructive patterns of behaviour and relating. We develop new ways of being in the world in line with our goals and aspirations.

Psychology of Vision is a model that teaches emotional intelligence and goes beyond traditional views of psychology and self-help in both depth and scope; it presents a visionary paradigm that inspires creativity, purpose, happiness, fulfilment and meaning. As we explore ourselves, become healed, we find our spirit, and creativity. Psychology of Vision is a path of heart and mind, that recognises that change and recovery requires a change in our emotions as much as our minds.

We can go beyond the ‘limitations’ of our past, to be leaders in our communities, expressing our skills and gifts and giving permission to those around us to express theirs. We discover our purpose, our life direction or destiny and find more happiness as we begin to express our unique gifts, skills and experience.

Dr. Chuck Spezzano

The founder of Psychology of Vision has a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology. His  background is in Counselling Psychology, Family Therapy, Short Term Crisis Intervention and Marriage, Family, and Child Counselling. He also worked as a psychologist at the Naval Rehabilitation Centre in San Diego, California, conducting thousands of therapy groups and individual sessions.

From more than 30 years of counselling experience and 26 years of psychological research and seminar leadership, Dr Spezzano and his wife, Lency, created the breakthrough healing and change model, Psychology of Vision.

Chuck Spezzano has authored more than 20 books, including ‘50 Ways to Change Your Mind and Change Your World‘ and ‘Heal Your Heartbreak‘.

Chuck & Lency 1Lency Spezzano

In 1984 Chuck’s wife, Lency Spezzano, joined with him to develop and teach their Psychology of Vision model internationally. Lency holds a BSc (Honours) and  MSc degree in Rehabilitation Counselling.  She has designed and administered numerous rehabilitation agencies, training programmes and treatment facilities, including the Hawaii Centre for the Deaf and HUGS for Hawaii’s seriously ill children and their families.

From her own work and life experience, Lency brought a stronger emotional awareness, heart to this unique psychological model of growth and recovery. This blend of heart and mind, masculine and feminine was groundbreaking, and has continued to develop through the years.

Chuck and Lency Spezzano have trained hundreds of Psychology of Vision trainers who now coach and hold workshops all over the world.

Development of Life Manual

Jeff and Christine (more about the authors) worked together using their skills and experience to produce a ‘How To’ of Psychology of Vision. This 350 page, 16 modual programme incorporates all the tools and models used in Psychology of Vision workshops and trainings around the world. Our aim was to make this model, and therefore healing, available to everyone in their own homes and at their own pace.

For those already involved in POV workshops, the Manual enables you to understand the tools and insights gained in the workshops, and keep applying them to your own lives to speed your progress.  See Testimonials of some of those on this path.

Jeff Allen, author of  Life Manual, who was mentored by Chuck and Lency, became UK promoter in 1990 for Psychology of Vision, becoming a full time trainer in 1998. He graduated to Master Trainer in 2001 and like Chuck and Lency, holds workshops, trains and coaches all over the world.

Christine Herbert holds a BA (Hons) in Communication Studies and a PGCE in 16+ education. Like Jeff, Christine has investigated personal development programmes for more than 30 years. Christine teamed up with Jeff in 2004 to rework the group programme, Steps to Leadership into POV Life Manual. As part of her research and training in the Psychology of Vision model, Christine attended 10 day workshops in Salisbury, Hawaii and Vancouver, as well as innumerable shorter workshops in the UK and Germany.

POV Life-Manual can be purchased and downloaded immediately, one module at a time or in Download, Print or CD version. Buy online here